Archiv | Dezember, 2011

….in the hood!

27 Dez

thanks to chito for building this beautiful bike and christoph for cruisin. missin vegas!

hooo hoooo hooooo! merry x-mas everybody!

23 Dez

WOOW! big, bigger, banjo gt ;)

22 Dez

some weeks ago carsten from hamburg asked me to send him a picture from the banjo gt shooting. yeah why not! check out what he did! 120×80 cm acryl bigpictureprint! this is scheissegeil!;)

BUY or DIE! The brandnew Abgefahren Magazin #01/2012 OUT NOW!

8 Dez

thanks to abgefahren magazin for supporting our bloodysplatter hearses to hell story! wrooooar special effect make up: nathalie tyrell, the amazing zombiedoll: runa rosina, the hottest zombiemaniac: uwe losert, divers from hell: kle & patrick otto, shinyboard: christoph wick, text: kle, pix & post: kayadaek

My Girlz and Boyz @ Final W.A.R.

8 Dez

thanks to my girlz and boyz for this crazy weekend….counting the days till summer!

Check out the brandnew Abgefahren Magazin! Buy or Die!

5 Dez

check your local carmag-dealer for the latest „abgefahren magazin„! kle and i did it again! hearses to hell!!