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Flying with the Brabham ;)

23 Okt

Big up for kid volcano! Thanks for this great making of movie!;)

Muchas grazias Sven for this great action pic!
speedy kayadaek!;)




24 Mai

Woohooo! kid volcano did it again. check out this great making of, from our crazy mclaren can am shooting for the new octane magazin. read the full story in octane magazin no.5 out on june 5th.
big up for berthold dörrich (octane magazin/car2car-driver-from-hell), Dr.alexander linau (owner/driver canam), Christoph wick aka kidvolcano (assistent/moviemaker) and sußie knutsson (hey boss,do you know kayadaek?). you guys rock!!

don’t try this at home – photographer was wearing a safety harness

can am mania from ⚡⚡⚡ on Vimeo.

Road Race ICC Ibiza Custom Cycles

26 Nov

muchas grazias to fips, otschi and the team of ICC! it was such a big pleasure rockin and rollin with your bikes! you guys rock!!
special thanks to my girl aisha and norbi for all your help and support and of course ted paulson for connecting creative people from germany, spain and melbourne!

gordons 1928 citroen ac4

6 Nov

thanks to gordon and smokin shutdown magazin